What we do
What we do
At Kalc Accounting we not only offer outsourced bookkeeping and accounting, but a full advisory and support service for all the financial aspects of your business, whether large or small from start up, expansion, mergers, acquisitions to the winding up of a business.
Wealth Management

With access to leading edge financial advisors, we can offer our clients confidential, expert, tailored advice on all aspects of wealth management. This includes pension planning, health insurance and life insurance and investment.



Finding the right insurance for your specific needs can be difficult in the current climate, but through our business contacts and industry specific knowledge, we can help point you in the right direction for the optimum insurance for your business.


Banking & Finance

Presenting documentation and interpretations financial documentation from banking and lending institutions can be challenging.  We can offer personal advice and assistance to clarify complex documentation and put you on the right path for mortgages, loans etc.


Forensic Accounting

Utilising high level auditing skills, accounting and investigative expertise to interpret and analyse financial and commercial information, the team at Kalc Accounting can assist by reviewing discovery, preparing detailed financial reports, providing expert advice on accountancy and taxation matters and giving evidence in Court as expert witnesses.   

Financial investigations can include a range of assignments and paper trails engaged to find out why financial results or behaviour has deviated from the expected outcome and to quantify the impact of these results. 

  • Digital Forensics

  • Digital Evidence Recovery

  • Securing evidence of data and hard copy material, including documentation

  • Financial crime investigation

  • SME investigation I

  • Interviewing Staff

  • Expert Witness

  • Expert determination


Switching Accountant      

Finding the right accountant to meet all your business needs is essential to the continued success of your enterprise.  You have the right to move accountant at any time, provided you are fully paid up with your previous account manager. Moving accountant need not be a difficult procedure and at Kalc Accountancy we can ease the transition by letting your previous accountant know that you have decided to move and then handling all of the account transfer in a professional and timely manner.


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